News Cougar's NxSys Aero Chair Cools Your Back With a 200mm ARGB Fan

Tom Sunday

Jul 24, 2020
Amazing a $400 gaming throne with a built-in fan to keep its occupant nice and breezy during those intense moments. Integrated RGB LED lighting. Supposedly the LED lighting can run up to 50 hours on a fully-charged battery, so you don’t have to worry about tripping on a cable. At NIKE HQ here in Beaverton, OR and during our continuing layoffs in our cornfields, (cornfield in company talk refers to an open plan office with little cubicles all in a grid with people's heads sticking up like rows of corn) we usually donate all our not needed $500 mesh back office chairs to the Salvation Army. At $35 retail each it tells me that it pays to shop around. NIKE also routinely replaces all of its office chair wheels made with ‘lifelong’ ball bearings and durable 3-inch polyurethane chair casters. ($40 at Amazon) Something that even most $500 office chairs these days do not come with. I guess that if I where to ever buy a NxSys Aero it would be with a fan blowing air up my butt and providing both cooling and heating.