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Question Could a faulty DisplayPort to HDMI cable damage my GPU to the point it causes in-game stuttering?


Jul 25, 2010
Hello everyone

I recently upgraded from a GTX 980 to RTX 2070 Super while I also had my friend OC my stock i5-6600k to a stable 4.5GHz with respectable temperatures (76*C max)
We performed a clean installation of both the OS, BIOS Updates, Drivers, and you name it, and while my RIG was extremely powerful for the first few days, I think i messed it up big time

So the working theory so far is:
I bought a poor quality DisplayPort to HDMI cable in an attempt to light up my Dual-monitor setup but I immediately noticed my monitor having frequent horizonal lines (which i assumed to be dead pixels) as well as occasional turning on and off. I didn't really bat an eye until I started playing my games again (Modern Warfare & Battlefield 5).

Everything was fine and I was getting 110+Fps on both games, until I noticed a horrible 5-6 second 10-20fps stutter in MW. I didn't think too much of it at first as I assumed it was just a packet loss issue, until I started BF:5 and noticed intense stuttering. Mind you, I was still getting constant 100+fps but it felt absolutely awful. Turning V-sync on fixed thee stuttering slightly, but the issue still persisted as I could feel constant jittering.. Whenever I turn my character, I could simply tell that it wasn't as smooth as it was before (hell even my 980 was performing smoothly prior to the transition). Then I noticed a total 10 second freeze on BF:V and even though I can someewhat play the games normally, i should be getting an amazing performance sincee the update (both OC on CPU and RTX 2070S) yet I simply cannot continue playing with the jittering.

is it possible that the DisplayPort to HDMI screwed up my GPU causing it to stutter like that? And if so, is this a permanent damage? I tried changing the PCIEe cables but the issue persisted. I tried updating drivers, resetting OC, restarting PC, changing ethernet cable, and even playing on all the lowest seettings, nothing seems to fix the stuttering.
Last night I noticed on HW monitor that I was getting Operational Voltage and Power Limits being hit, at which point my friend suggested the poor quality cable may have screwed up the PSU, which in turn is limiting the GPU, and thus causing in-game stuttering. In his words "I think the DisplayPort may have damaged the Voltage Line for the PCIE."

My Full specs are:
CPU: i5-6600k (OC 4.5GHZ)

GPU: nVIDIA RTX 2070 Super

MOBO: Asus z170-a

RAM: 16GB Hyper-X

HDD: 1TB Seagate


O.S: Windows 10

PSU: Corsair CX 750

CASE: Corsair Carbide 200R

I would appreciate any suggestions you guys might have but I am extremely worried that the poor quality cable may have damaged the GPU (even though technically a damageed GPU should mean artifacts and other issues which I do not have, Im experiencing stuttering and jittering only, with occasional freezes.


There is pretty much 0 chanced a video cable would damage the card unless it was poor fitting or you had a spark or something and the connections were bad. First set all speeds to stock that may fix things. You said you have dual screens, disconnect one and see how things run on one.