Question Could Bluetooth connectivity be affecting PC game performance?


Nov 13, 2014
Hi everyone.

I've been noticing this for a while on different games.

First time it happened was playing Pyre, which I believe isn't a very CPU or GPU intensive game, but when my wireless headphones and Xbox controller where connected to my PC via Bluetooth at the same time it would stutter. It wasn't like frame rate drops necessarily, more like the game would freeze for a short while and then continue on.

Most recently playing MGSV I've found a similar issue. I haven't connected both the controller and the headphones via Bluetooth since I learned it was conflicting with Pyre, but I still play with my controller. Sometimes, the game will stutter, on moments when I'm sending certain inputs, or the game has to render a lot of the terrain or animations at once. This only happens when the controller is connected via Bluetooth. To give an example, it stutters when the chopper takes you to missions and also when driving around, and the last input given will get stuck for a while (the camera will soon around, etc.), but if the car isn't moving I can use any other input and it will work perfectly at the same distance from the receiver.

I have a rather capable PC, so I tend to think this is some kind compatibility issue. (?)

Anybody else is having similar issues?

I appreciate any help figuring this out.