Could I fit a CORSAIR HYDRO SERIES H105 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, 240mm Thick Radiator, Dual 120mm PWM Fans in my case?

May 19, 2018
The case I'm using using is a aero cool strike x one case, looking to take out the stock cooler and getting a liquid cooling for better temps.

Doctor Rob

Jul 21, 2008
Just a thought but I have a H115i and of course that did not fit in my case.. and I have a big one.. I had to mod the case.. so IF it does not fit and you are good with some tools I would say it could fit in just about any case. like my little larger cooler then your one you have mentioned what I did was install it on the back externally on the back of the case.. so the fans and radiator are out the back.. I used the original spot for the one fan and cut it out larger to fit the larger case fan then the top fan on the case is above the case (with a little exception of the plastic top of the case I modified that so some of the air comes in below and some above the case.. so about 20% of the radiator is completely above my computer case.

I seem to have to always mod any case I have ever purchased with little exception..

Like more recently I got a new computer case for a threadripper system I build and got a large water cooler for that but the radiator was listed to fit great in the front of the case BUT it came with 3 fans as its a taller one then my H115i for my main computer.. the case would ONLY allow you to use 1 of the 3 fans.. and for me that was pointless.. so only 33% of the radiaor would have constant air flow accrost the fins. I modified the plastic front pannel so it fit all 3 fans.. A bit of a pain on a new case but its just metal and plastic.. so yea.. up to you if you are good with tools or not.


The case does come with some options to mount some water coolers. so it may fit though like I said above just looking at it you would probably have to do some case modding to get it to fit properly.

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