[SOLVED] Could i go any higher speed overclocking my ram ?


Jun 13, 2015
I was messing around in my BIOS the other day and i decided to try out overclocking my Gskill ripjaws V 2400mhz ram. i messed around for a few mins and got it up to 2933 Mhz in the overclocking utility and ive been running with this same clock speed for about a week and everything is actually pretty stable it seems. i was wondering if there is any way that i could possibly overclock my ram a little more ? i know 2933 on this ram is probably pushing it and i feel like i got lucky that its stable but im just curious lol. Here are my main specs
MSI B350 Gaming Pro mobo
Ryzen 5 1600 overclocked to 3.9Ghz
8GB DDR4 ram
RX 480 8GB

Thanks !
For overclocking, if you focus your attention on CAS latency, which is the time it takes between the CPU to ask for data and memory to provide it. A lower response time is obviously better.

Overclocking 2400MHz memory to 2933MHz increases the CAS latency which sort of defeats the purpose of buying a low latency kit, which is why one normally does not buy 2400MHz memory to run it at a higher clock speed.
May need to boost SoC Voltage for DDR4-3200, but every combo is different so the best way to find out is to trial and error test.

A higher DRAM Frequency with higher timings can still perform better than lower frequency with lower timings.. however with that combo DDR4-2933 is generally the sweet spot.
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