[SOLVED] Could I install a higher watt TDP chip into my laptop?


Oct 21, 2018
laptop- hp elitebook Folio 9470m

I just learned that the processor inside this laptop is socketable and would like to know if I can upgrade it. Currently, the chip in it is an intel core i7 3687U and is the best chip that only takes 17w tdp. Could I install something like an i7-3615QE that uses the same socket but different tdp?
The i7 3687U is a soldered connection BGA not a pinned(PGA or LGA) socket. While it is technically possible to replace these it's not feasible for most as it requires equipment and some skill with said equipment.
No you can't. All of Intel's ultra low voltage CPUs are soldered to the motherboard and cannot be removed and replaced by the end user. Intel's spec says they are a BGA socket type, but that doesn't mean you can just lift the CPU off the motherboard, BGA CPUs are soldered.