Question Could I optimize the airflow in this case more, or just leave it as is?


Dec 15, 2015
This cases has an I9 9900k and a 2070 super (removed for right now).

I am just taking things out, putting a new M2 SSD in, and re-doing all the cables.

There are 3 front fans (pushing air in), two noctua fans on top (pulling air out), and a beQuiet fan in the back (pulling air out). Noctua DH15 sits on the i9.

To be honest, the case has always run very cool. It's an old aluminum Lian Li full tower case.

I was thinking of maybe optimizing it more, but would that even possible? Or just leave it as is?

Just asking since this PC is going to see a lot more use now. Here is pic of the inside of the case: