Question Could I optimize those builds ?

Feb 9, 2023
Disclaimer: I already have 2 configurations ready, I am not asking for a configuration creation service but rather advice on the existing ones. Just to be clear, I don't like asking someone to do all the work, I have worked on my side (with my humble and modest skills of course).
Also, I’m french so please forgive me for my not so good english, and for the fact that the prices I talk about are in Euros.

Hello friends,

I hope everyone is doing well in these difficult times.

A few days ago I tried to create a configuration, because I need to switch from my old Acer Aspire Nitro VN7 laptop (which is starting to seriously tire out, formats, cleanings, and soft and hard maintenance are no longer having much effect) to a desktop that I have been dreaming of for years. I have always managed with laptops due to budget constraints, but I use my PC for music production (roughly speaking). And music software, primarily the plugins associated with it, are very heavy and demand a lot of resources. I also use my PC for basic gaming, but these days triple A games demand a minimum of powerful PCs. And more than anything, I need to stop stressing about being limited by my PC. No matter my passion of the moment. I also enjoy video and editing, and if one day I feel like delving into any of my digital passions, I don't want to have to tell myself that my PC won't support it.

Sorry for the details, but it's to paint a picture. I wanted a powerful and versatile PC. Like many people, I imagine.

So I created two configurations, I struggled a bit to create an AMD and an Intel configuration because I don't know which one to choose. The configurations are roughly equivalent in performance normally. But both exceed 2000 euros.

My question is, in your opinion, can some elements of the configurations be replaced/reduced while still maintaining roughly the same performance? I ask because I know I don't have the knowledge to know if some things are relatively useless. And I also know that the price of a part varies greatly depending on its characteristics (which can, as previously stated, not necessarily be indispensable)

Like any human, I naturally prefer to pay as little as possible when we can get almost the same for a greatly different price sometimes. And especially to go below 2000 euros at least. If the configurations are reasonable and not too changeable, I'll stick to them despite the price, oh well.

Config AMD:

Config Intel:

I have only included what is essential to me. Please note that the Wifi Card is an error I made, don't count it. I realised that the Motherboard I took already had Wifi. The HDD is not essential as I have a total of 3TB on the SSD and I have many External Hard Drives. I am keeping the idea of adding an HDD in the future as a bonus, but nothing is pressing. The GPU is also temporary because the crisis is tough for everyone. Like all of you, I am waiting for prices to drop again to a minimum. And I think the GPUs included in the configurations are sufficient or very satisfying for a start.

For now, the GPUs I am targeting for the future are around 1600 euros, which is slightly excessive. For the AMD configuration, I was targeting something like the RX 6900 XT and for the Intel configuration an RTX 3080Ti 3X 12Go.

Similarly, if any of you find these GPUs useless compared to some cheaper ones, I am open to suggestions. My goal is to accumulate enough knowledge and advice so that I no longer need to bother this forum haha. We can find what we want on Google but I never learn as well as when exchanging with real people.

I thank in advance all individuals who would take the time to respond to me, I am always extremely grateful for the exchanges I have on this site. Take care of yourself, I wish you an excellent day!
Regarding your Intel build:

Have you deliberately avoided 13th generation Intel parts?

Are you strongly attracted to liquid cooling?

I don't think that power supply is widely known. Have you seen a review of it? What other choices are available to you within your budget? Anything from Corsair, Seasonic, or Super Flower?
Feb 9, 2023
Regarding your Intel build:

Have you deliberately avoided 13th generation Intel parts?

Are you strongly attracted to liquid cooling?

I don't think that power supply is widely known. Have you seen a review of it? What other choices are available to you within your budget? Anything from Corsair, Seasonic, or Super Flower?


First of all, thanks a lot for the quick reply.

For the 13th Intel generation, I guess I was just afraid of the prices. I'm open to suggestion about this topic too, I thought it would be a good choice to save some money. That's it. Not a personal generation preference.

Not strongly attracted but I know the endless fight between liquid cooling and air cooling is tough, and close. I've read so much thrads, posts, and saw a lot of video. Everyone is contradicting everyone. So I admit I choose the esthetic one.
But just to be clear, I'm really open to go for an air cooling system if you strongly think it's better.

For the power supply, the reviews in stores were good but I chose it mainly for the price, according to the specs. The price of the build is really high, I don't really need a fancier power supply. If you know one with a price close to this, or really recommands me to give a higher budget for the power supply. The main spec, I guess, is the 850W. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think it is what I need, or higher.

Thanks again for this answer, have a very good day !
Feb 9, 2023
It would seriously help if you could provide a link or 2 to the stores from which you might buy.

There's no point in us recommending something that you cannot find at your location.
Sorry for this, I usually check on
Or even simply Amazon

If you need further information, tell me. I don't want to miss some important points for you !
Your chosen graphic card is rated at about 170 watts.

I would at least consider power supplies in the 650 to 750 watt range from Corsair or Seasonic.

I see 3 or 4 at your link between 130 and 150 euros.

The Fox you chose may be excellent, but I frankly have never even heard of that brand. It may be a house brand sold only by your vendor and manufactured by someone else.

Do you have a link to an independent review of it?


I notice you have chosen 2 drives, both 2 TB capacity?

I'm wondering if your boot drive needs to be that large?
If you are buying new, it usually pays to buy the latest generation.
On the Intel side, for example, the I5-13600K is actually stronger than the I7-12600F you listed.

There is little difference in the performance of motherboards with a B660 or B760 chipset.
You can not overclock.
These days chips are binned so there is little opportunity to get something for nothing via overclocking.
The current approach of high turbo clocks actually works out better.
And, a MATX sized motherboard will usually be cheaper.
You get 4 expansion slots via 7 on a ATX motherboard. How many past the graphics slot do you ever use?
DDR4 versions perform comprably and DDR4 ram and components are cheaper.

Cpu cooling need not be a big issue if you have reasonable expectations.
Here is a study of cooling on the top end I9-13900K :
You should know that aio coolers do not last forever. Air intrudes and pumps fail. Think 5 years.

The F suffix processors are a bit cheaper because they do not have integrated graphics.
The difference, it seems to me is slall enough to help with diagnosing Discrete graphics card issues.
If you are doing video editing, integrated graphics will include quick-sync.
Better case, better power supply and an SSD that runs cooler than the Gen 4.
Fractal Design Pop Air TG Mid Tower Case €104.99
Seasonic FOCUS GX 650W 80+ Gold Modular Power Supply €119.99
Intel Core i5-13500 €300.79
DeepCool AK500 CPU Cooler €64.99
Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz 32GB (2x16GB) CL16 €124.99
Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVME SSD €179.99
Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 WINDFORCE OC 12GB €409.99

Total: €1503,12

A better look at those components.
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