Question Could i potentially upgrade this lenovo pc?

No, the motherboard layout is similar to a m-atx with a bit of a modified pcb, but that's not the problem. The problem lies in the power supply connection, it is a non-standard layout in the form of a 10 pin connection rather then the standard 24 pin connection.

In order for it to work with a standard psu, you would have to find either a custom cable adapter, or make one yourself by identifying the values on each pin and then soldering to the correct pin on the atx psu. Overall not a goof method as this may increase load on the connections to above spec values and may be a fire hazard.

The system comes with a 180w psu, I think, so no gpu upgrades either unless its the gt1030 and you leave the side panel open.

So, no.


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that motherboard is non-standard

those ports in the front are the issue. if they fit in the case at all, they will be unusable in the future.
you will need a PSU adapter as that is a non-standard power connector.