Question Could I swap out the boot drive from one computer with another’s?

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May 9, 2023
To make a long story short, I have two desktops in my home, and one of them currently doesn’t work.

Both PCs only use a single M.2 SSD, therefore both have Windows 11 installed onto them, and both are the boot drives for their respective desktops. Each system also has an Intel processor, so there’s no complications of swapping from AMD/Intel.

Would it be possible to just remove the M.2 from the working PC and replace it with the M.2 from the non-working PC with no problems, or is it just not that simple?
As Windows is not designed to be moved in that manner you're likely to encounter problems, especially if there are other drives with software installed on them. The Windows license (at a minimum) will also be invalidated and need to be fixed. And, Microsoft only allows a limited number of moves before they disable the license altogether. The number is known only to Microsoft.
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