Question Could I use the case from a dell dimension e521 to build a gaming pc?

Oct 12, 2019
So I have this ancient dell dimension e521 pc that my parents bought sometime in 2007 and more recently I cleaned out the mechanical keyboard that came with it along with the pc itself that had not been opened up since it came out of the factory 12 years ago.

I recently installed ubuntu server on it along with plex so I could use it as a media server that runs 24/7 but with minimal noise and it ran Beauty and the beast in hd with minimal issues.

But I also realised that I could use it as a case for my future gaming pc build if I swap out some of the old components but keep some of the other components. Like the dvd drive and the sd card + floppy reader for mainly cosmetic reasons but also because both the dvd drive and sd card reader work just fine.

Is this a good case to use for building a nice and modern gaming pc or should I simply use a different case?

The main reason I want to keep the original case is mainly because it just looks way cooler than the dull plastic cases you commonly see on the market and it has that early to mid 2000s scifi feel to it.

This is pc also has a lot of nostalgic value to me because this was my first pc as a young child and this was where I learned how to use computers and the internet on Windows xp.

What are your opinions on this one?
The main issue is whether the case has standard mounting holes for the motherboard. This will be the main factor in determining whether or not you can use it for a new build.

From a google search... might just be me, but the layout of the motherboard, where the rear I/O is situated, and where a graphics card would be installed there... a modern motherboard has those placed differently. I'm not too sure as a result.


Agree with the above. From what I can tell, the form factor of the case (and therefore the motherboard) is BTX. The expansion slots are on the opposite side of the rear I/O panel from an ATX form factor. If this is the situation, then no. You cannot use the case for current hardware.

-Wolf sends