Could Intel's Acquisition of Tech Journalist Backfire?


Jan 29, 2008
We all seen Intels acquisition of Tech Journalist and Graphics professionals lately.

How many from AMD have defected? And now NVIDIA loses a major player.

Then there's the Tech Journalist...
  • The PC Perspective crew is gone
  • Kyle Bennet of [H]ardOCP is gone.
Now before I go any further let me be perfectly clear, I do not in any way want Kyle of the crew from PC Perspective to do poorly. I wish them all the luck in the world.


I don't think both sides have clearly thought this through.

Intel for the better lack of a word is realizing they are the hot girl and they are a @#$@#. And now all the boys are getting resentful and looking at girl number two who suddenly grew up in the last year. (AMD)

There were numerous problems brewing inside Intel and they weren't paying attention. Why? Because they were making money. I have read numerous articles about how Intel would often compete with itself where each department would compete with each other on why they should receive funding. This is not collaboration. It's a battle ground. Add to this had a way of doing business, "Big orders or you don't matter." Hence forth they catered to the massive growth of cloud infrastructures and could care less about the end consumer. Money was rolling in hand over fist for business laptops leases and enterprise servers. The Sandy Bridge footprint is largely unchanged from over 10 years ago. Intel really hasn't invested much in new architectures. So this is a big payout for them with no real competition (Sorry AMD, you know this was true.)

That was then. And Tech Enthusiast became restless. I myself held onto my 3770K @ 4.4GHz because I saw ZERO reason to upgrade for maybe 20%. And when 5GHz did become available, AMD was looking at lot more attractive money wise. Was the 2700X @ 4.2 faster than my 3770K? In single threaded task it was marginally faster. But I came to a point where I could actually use more cores for my RDBM, Compiling, and Encoding of movies. Plus games have been stuck at 4 cores for a long time. I saw it was only a matter of time before the CPU starts playing a more critical role again. This means offloading more onto more threads. More threads means more cores. Basically Intel was Ignoring the home community because there was much more money to be made in business. This is mistake 1.

Okay, so where am I going with all this? Basically Intel was caught with their pants down. A sudden upsurge in AMD sales was not something Intel Expected. That was mistake 2.

Mistake 3 was Intel did not see a threat to their dominance by Artificial Intelligence. The various incarnations of AI work so much better on Vector Hardware which NVIDIA and AMD excel at with their GPU's.

Add in a small disaster that is known at 10nm and Intel had their "Oh Shit I'm really am a @#$@#" It's no wonder a number of the old guard were ousted (including one sex scandal)

Intel needed to do something and quick. What could they do? They really can't lower prices because there's a supply shortage. They really can't compete directly to AMD's core/$/Performance count because that would cut into ultra lucrative server margins. And Intel killed Larabee/Knights Landing, so nothing was truly in the hoper till they took on Raja.

Now Intel does have a massive war chest and considerable foundry power. But none of that is saving Intel now. And they are at least 2.5 to 3 years out to having something comparable to AMD/NVIDIA. You can burn through a lot of money in that time. No doubt Intel is actually in danger for lose their dominance for the first time in a long time.

Intel's answer to this is "Take more risk" And I see how that's emerging. They are hiring tech enthusiast with good public image to address the market. It's sort of like getting a celebrity endorsement to work for you.

Here's where things get dicey and how the crew at PC Perspective, and Kyle Bennet are taking a risk.

Intel has a way of doing things "Their way" Kyle and the crew at PC Perspective were their own bosses and they shot from the hip. They were honest and hard working, and called it the way they saw it. They didn't pull punches for advertisers.

Will this sit well inside the competitive group think intel that has been running this way for decades now?

Not only this, but Intel has a history of canceling projects, and closing acquired tech companies left and right. They are the EA of the hardware world.

I admire their guts. And I wish them the best. But unfortunately Intel may find out the hard way that their new hire's credibility may have been tarnished (Not that I blame them.) Basically the community is going "Why are you the cool guys going to the @#$@#? Oh right, she's putting out for you." A number of people were disappointed in Kyle's decisions to leave in the forums. I read that in the threads announcing Kyles shuttering of [H] And at the end of the day no amount of PR will save you if you can't deliver performance / $. That's the bottom line.

So in the end could this backfire given the resentment that has been slowly building for Intel?