Question Could motherboard or hard drive cause keyboard and mouse power loss?

Oct 5, 2020
recently bought a new monitor a AOC G24C1, and have experienced nothing but trouble since I got it. Lots of black screens, only when trying to play Minecraft almost always as the game starts and once when browsing the web. The screen goes black and the audio glitches out and it restarts. I've scubbed the video drivers and reinstalled and still nothing, I then rolled back the versions and still no fix. This evening it went black and didn't restart on its own. I started it up and the display showed up for a second and went away. It also stopped supplying power to the keyboard and mouse. (leds not lighting up). ,I thought it could be my monitor, but it doesnt make sense. I've tried my previous monitor and I'm still getting the same problem. My hard drive is almost a decade old and I'm starting to think it could be the problem, but could it cause powerloss to the mouse and keyboard? I'm thinking it's either my hard drive or my Mobo. But the Mobo is new after being exchanged with an RMA with asus

My setup is a rog strix b450f motherboard, ripjaw 16gb ram, ryzen 7 2700 cpu, Rx 5700 XT, Seagate 1tb HDD (pushing a decade old). And 750watt PSU (I forget the brand ATM). I've been playing on this setup for almost a year with no problems