Question Could my 2080ti be defective?

Feb 4, 2020
Ok, I want to keep this as short as possible so here goes.

Got a 2080ti and first thing I did was run a user benchmark, told me it was way underperforming bottom 11%, even with an overclock it still wasn't performing with the average.

Next I ran 3D mark, benchmarks scores were fine overclock put me in a higher tier. Ran 3d mark multiple times and got the same score all seemed well from those benchmarks.

Decided to leave it alone and just play but down the road Nvidia released a driver update, curious about that, i ran another user benchmark after updating and now it's performing slightly above expectations now. GREAT!

Started to game and noticed odd GPU utilization to CPU utilization in BFV, chalked it up to a poorly optimized game. Fallen Order and Modern Warfare seemed to be running fine.

So that brings me today. Again just gaming and got to this one level on Fallen Order called Kasheeyk noticed bad frame rate drops and poor GPU utilization on this one level. Decided to run another user benchmark and right back to the bottom 11%. Ran 3D mark again and this time my score was cut in half 13,000 to now 7,000. Reinstalled drivers. Disabled and re enabled XMP and MSI game boost. User benchmark came back the same after the driver reinstall (11%) but 3d mark went back up to 13,000 on par with everyone else.

So I'm kind of at a loss. I have a 9700k 16gb of 3200 ram and an Asus 2080ti gaming at 1440p 144hz. However I did find a Reddit post with someone having similar performance issues with this Kasheeyk level in fallen order. Modern Warfare runs fantastic as far as FPS utilization seems good and even Ray Tracing enabled. BFV performance seems fine even with some dips in my graphics utilization. But the frames are there. The only issue I've really had is user benchmark telling me my card is junk and the 1 out 7 3d mark scores being really low. Nothing seems to be bad gaming wise besides the really weird dip with fallen order but the benchamarks are telling me a different story. I bought my card through Amazon so I could easily exchange it but I can't help but think that's it's something to do with the settings on my PC. My thermals are good GPU doesn't get above 70 with an overclock and CPU is around 60. I've set power settings to Max performance. I mean idk what else I can do. 3 graphics driver installs. The only thing I can think of that I haven't done yet is flash the bios and the only other strange thing I've noticed is like launching modern warfare my PC lags out in that first window and my RGB lights lag but I get to the menus and it's fine. Other than that I'm really at a loss. Does ANYONE have ANY ideas what could be the issue.

Also another strange thing I just bought of. Battlefield 5 and DX12 will not work together. It is so laggy and unplayable and easily 20-30 frames less it's unreal. Idk if that says anything.
Feb 4, 2020
i7 9700k
Asus ROG Strix 2080ti
16 Gb Corsair RGB Ram 3200
MSI Z390 motherboard pro gaming
Samsung 960 Evo m.2
Samsung 860 SSD
Corsair Rm850x watt power supply
Corsair h100i cooler


Apr 3, 2014
I see no reason why your card would be behaving in this way. I mean userbench is useless garbage. But your card is definitely acting in an odd way. You don't happen to have your power setting in geforce control panel set to adaptive do you? if you do, try setting it to maximum performance.