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Question could not boot pc after power outage


May 18, 2014
I built my pc in March of this year and have had no issues so far. recently ive been putting my pc into hibernate mode sometimes overnight instead of sleep mode. the other night, while in hibernate mode, my power went out at some point. the next morning, I could not get my pc to post. it would turn on but with no USB recognition (kb, mouse) and no display. I tried numerous times to no avail. finally i unplugged the psu cable and waited 30 seconds. then I was able to boot up after seeing a post screen error. I don't think I'll be using hibernate anymore because where I live has power issues and my power goes out at times. not due to bad wiring, it's a long story and I'm on mobile. just wanted to hear from someone if this is normal or could something be wrong with mobo or something.