Could Piledriver be competitive?

How would a FX-4320 (4.0/4.2Ghz, 95w) compete with Intel in gaming?

  • AMD is going to blow Intel out of the water!

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  • It will be a good alternative to an i5.

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  • It will be a good alternative to an i3.

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  • It may have good performance, towards an i3/i5, but it's power efficiency still needs work.

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  • It will not be very good, not even at i3 performance.

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  • AMD is dead, why even talk about their CPU's.

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Jul 27, 2011
With PD just on the horizon (mid-October say the rumors), what are peoples thoughts on how it will perform, specifically in games. Based on the Trinity preview we saw a while back, Piledriver could have ~15% increase in performance clock-over-clock. Consider the question IF Piledriver does indeed have ~15% gain in IPC.

Open to discussion, don't be shy!
Bulldozer already has a slight edge against Sandy Bridge in DX11 games, contrary to popular belief, it absolutely does. The problem is their Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde nature, they have been known as we all know to fall flat on their face in DX9&10 games.

If AMD can work out those issues, and some of them do go beyond my technical knowledge, and couple that with good pricing, yes it could be.

Power efficiency is another thing, a lot of people talk about it, utilities is covered in my rental agreement, I don't much care about how much juice my computer uses. Not everyone is that fortunate however.

Don't hold your breat on FX-4320 being competitive with i5s. They aren't even meant to be, FX-4100s were meant to compete at their release date at the $130 price point down with i3s... I doubt the PileDriver x4 will be any different.



If your landlord's power bill increases too much, he'll bump his rates up when people re-sign their leases to cover his increased costs. You still end up paying at least a part of it but with several months delay.

True, but I'll deal with that when I come to it. lol.. even so.. I actually don't use that much electricity. I don't watch television at all (I don't even own one, haven't for years), small refrigerator, laundry is done off-site, etc.
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