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Question Could problematic SSD cause the laptop to freeze?


Nov 23, 2018
Hi I have an ASUS Zenbook UX490UA. It has been several months now that i am experiencing various problems with this laptop.

First it started hanging while in sleep and I had to cold reset (keep power button pressed) to recover it.
Then I disabled sleep setting and it started freezing while working. No keyboard interaction no mouse moving, nothing. Had to cold reboot as well.
Also sometimes went on BSOD with WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR code and not proceeding to send report, freezing at 0%.
These happened at a rising frequency. Started 1-2 per week and got to 2 per day.

I made factory reset, the problems persisted.
I had it sent to the service some days ago, they said no problem was found, when I got it, the same day, the problem of BSOD occured again.

I got it back and they say now they are to replace the ssd.
But i find it hard to believe that this could be a problematic ssd problem, I am suspecting deeper motherboard problem.

What is your opinion?


Win 10 Master
WHEA errors can be any hardware in the PC
SSD is more likely to be cause than motherboard. Its also cheaper to replace.

Only fix for motherboard is a new one. Apart from bios upgrades but they aren't fixes as such. Have you got latest bios? Version 313 is dated May 26 2020... BIOS updates may fix WHEA errors. https://www.asus.com/au/Laptops/ASUS-ZenBook-3-Deluxe-UX490UA/HelpDesk_Download/

if its the ssd, the not sending report makes sense as it can't record one.

Since it survived a reset its obviously hardware.