Question Could router be blocking internet access to wireless cameras?


Mar 14, 2012
Hello, I've got a Tenda N300 router. Everything is working fine besides trying to connect 2 wireless cameras (each one a different brand). Tried both by wireless and LAN cables but it will still not give them internet access for some reason. One uses the YCC365 Plus and the other iCSee app if it's of any importance.

To test if it's the router that's blocking their access, I setup a portable hotspot with my phone by setting the exact same SSID and password as the ones I use for the router and the wireless cameras appear to be establishing connections without any issues. Used WPA/WPA2-PSK for both. I went into the but I can't seem to find much options to switch on and off there. It's pretty basic and I don't see any options like for example turning off firewall, etc. The admin panel looks like this. There doesn't appear to be any MAC addresses added to a blacklist so I am not sure what is causing the issue. Any ideas?


Tenda Router question - Parental Controls.

Are the cameras being shown as "Children"? Some default Device Name?

In any case:

The admin panel indicates that Access Restrictions are in place.

Devices are being granted access only Friday and Saturday evenings from 7:00 pm (1900 hours) and 9:00 pm (2100 hours).

The proper admin rights will be necessary to change the cameras/devices access settings.
Does it work if you turn off the parental controls. Since this does not appear to be a factory configuration can you just reset the router to factory and reconfigure just the admin password and the wifi ssid and passwords. By default a router should allow all traffic out.

Unless the cameras have no other way to function I would not allow them to have internet access. Cameras have a very long history of poor software security and are a constant target of attacks from the internet.