[SOLVED] Could someone help me? I really need it

Sep 7, 2019
So, i have been building my first pc for literally the whole day and night, got to the point its ”ready” and now it wont boot and it makes buzzing noises with the motherboard RGB lights on.. I am really scared, i have been the most careful person ever with the components, i’ve also been wearing an antistatic wristband all the time. CPU is installed right, fan cable is on, mobo cable is correctly installed, 8pin CPU cable is installed, all the PCI-E power cables are installed. Do the NXZT fans need to be installed and plugged in for it to work? I also have tried with different RAM configs.

PC specs.

Asus Strix Z-390F
MSI gaming x trio 2080 ti
Corsair 750w RMx
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200mhz 16GB 2x8GB
256GB M.2

Thanks for all the help!


Take the wristband off and throw it away. It's not necessary. I've built hundreds of systems. Never once wore a ground strap. Never once had a problem because of it. I don't know any builders who use them either.

If you're building on carpet and wearing socks with no shoes, then yeah, you might want to ground yourself to a metal lamp or something before handling your parts after walking across the carpet. Otherwise, you're more likely to get struck by lightning, twice, then you are doing any damage to your hardware by handling it without a ground strap on.

Have you checked all the fans to make sure one of them isn't up against something that isn't allowing it to turn, and is making the buzzing noise. Or is slightly rubbing something?

Is there a CPU cooler installed? Is it connected to the CPU_FAN header on the motherboard?

Are you sure you connected the EPS/CPU 4+4 cable to the motherboards EPS socket, and not one of the PCI connectors. Yes, I've seen people jam the wrong connector down in there, somehow.

Is your memory installed in the second and fourth slots over from the CPU socket? Fully seated to where the locks are engaged and "clicked" into place?

Absolutely certain that the 24 pin ATX and 4+4 pin EPS are FULLY seated?

Graphics card is fully seated and PCI lock engaged with the cutout on the bottom of the card, and bolted in place on the back I/O panel?

Video cable from the monitor is connected to the graphics card, and not the motherboard. That is a common mistake made by many first time, and even some fairly experienced builders as well.