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Oct 31, 2017
I intend to buy a whole new pc for my son, but in small parts. First I want to buy the GPU. I found a card that I like ( ). It apparently uses 235 watts, and also needs a 6+2 pin connector and a single 6 pin connector. The problem is, that his PSU only have the 6+2 pin. This card would be a gift for my son for Christmas. Would it be possible to use the card with only the 6+2 pin connector or it would damage it? I know that it needs both cable to function properly, but my son only plays fortnite, which wouldn't use the whole video card (as this is fornite, and not the new COD).
Of course, I know that if I buy a GPU to him, why not buy a new a PSU ? Beacuse he want's a "super gaming pc" with EKWB spectacular watercooling, which would need a bigger PSU, which I can't afford now. I can only afford a worse PSU now, which would be superfluous in the light of the above.
I saw another option, but some people described it as " dangeorus". There are converters, which could make the missing 6pin connector, such as 2 molex to 6pin converter or 1 sata to 6pin connector. I've read concerns about the produced wattages, but I'm not really an electrician, so that's why I post this.
I took a picture of his PSU. I uploaded it here:
So the question is: would it be safe to use without the 6pin connector, or I shall buy a converter, or that's dangeorus too?
His current pc's parts (to calculate if It'd fit in): amd fx 6300, gtx 650, a Samsung SSD (sata, 256GB), and (1TB 5400rpm HDD), 2 fans, Network interface card.
Thank you in advance for any kind of help.


The Corsair RMX is much preferable. The Gigabyte linked below is far better the dire one you currently have, but it's still rather mediocre, on CWT's GPS platform which tends to be paired with lower quality capacitors and the like.

It's worth spending a little extra now rather than having to buy a whole new PSU in the future. I'd even go back down to an RX 580 if you needed the room in the budget; he's already at the end of what an FX-6300 can do. I would try to talk him out of going custom loop cooling right now; you don't want to spend $300 or more to cool a budget platform from 2012.
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