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Question Could this manufacturing defect destroy a RAM module? (XPS 9570)

Jul 3, 2020
My XPS 9570 has had an intermittent issue wherein it will lock, and the screen will glitch. Recently this has become constant, and happens within seconds of booting. I opened it and found what I believe to be multiple pins on RAM slot B erroneously soldered together. The RAM module that was in this slot is now broken, crashes MemTest86, and does not work in another laptop. Despite this erroneous solder, the RAM module from the other slot works in slot B.

These seem to be pins 90,92,94,96. Looking at a DDR4 SODIMM datasheet they are (in order): ground, check bit, ground, data mask bit. I can't test the check bit or data mask bit, but I can see that pin 94 does not have continuity to ground when it should, so I believe the pin or the trace to ground is broken.

Can anybody hypothesize why a single broken connection to ground would slowly break a RAM module over time, or, tell me whether this is just a coincidence and that the solder isn't an issue. This seems like a big fault to me but Dell are maintaining that it is impossible to have a manufacturing defect.

I'm attaching GIFs of the issue, the motherboard, and close ups of the soldered pins.

Symptom GIF 1

Symptom GIF 2

Motherboard and issue

Close up 1

Close up 2

Close up 3