Could use a little helpful advice on building


Oct 28, 2012
OK so tomorrow my CPU gets here and it's the last piece missing to have a complete PC in parts. I looked into everyhting as much as i could and from the looks of it all of it is compatible so there shouldn't be any hitches although odder things have happened.

I've swapped hundreds of ram sticks gpu's hdd's etc... in and out of my older PC's for upgrading but this will be my first time actually building a brand new one from scratch and i have never had the luxury of swapping out an actual CPU.

Anyone feel like giving me a little insight on the best way to go about this? safely putting it together without static killing my stuff, How much thermal compound? Bios? Ram timing? the works.

Even a link to something on tom's if you don't wanna type it out. I'm aware of the millions of articles found on google for doing this but for my own sense of security it would be nice to hear it from a reputable member here who has done this day in day out.

Thanks in advance will be starting to build tmrw afternoon when cpu arrives will keep an eye on this post. Any and all info is welcome as im sure no one would aim to sabotage.