Question Could you guys recommend an AV?


Oct 31, 2017
I mostly used ESET, but right now I'm starting to value my privacy. ESET with it's ssl filter is pretty good imo, but since I don't feel confident about my IT security skills, I'm asking you guys. I've read 2 articles about AV's privacy, but honestly it's kinda hard to find more article. I've read Emsisoft is pretty private, barely sends data, and so does Clamav (I tried this, it's pretty slow, and I'm not confident enough in powershell to use this product lol). I tried Emsisoft, but it didn't stop pishing sites, and corrupted zips (at amtso's test site), and for me, it's important to stop those. This is where my ignorance comes to play: in order to stop these sites and downloads, the AV has to have ssl filtering like ESET, right? But in that case, the company knows all of my visited sites right? I don't know which is the best av for me, could you guys recommend one? I also tried kaspersky and comodo, I wasn't satisfied. I'd want an antivirus that doesn't send all of my data to their servers, but protects me completely. Does that exist?
very little short of a paid VPN is going to shield you from being on a website's 'visitor list'...(I consider the hype over VPNs a bit overblown, as I do not tinker at any sites where I give a crap about anyone knowing I visited it...
As for AV/AM apps, I love Kaspersky Free the past 18 months or so..(you can use a limite4d use free VPN by Kaspersky and/or Tunnelbear for limited "I don't want them knowing I was here' use.. :)
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