Question (Couldn't fins a category for RGB) RGB on my fans wont turn on at all, need help.

Jan 26, 2022
I got a prebuilt pc from redux, and everything works fine except for the RGB. It just wont come on, yes I've tried the RGB controller it comes with.
here are the rgb parts I'm using:
4x CM MasterFans RGB, Cooler Master TD500 RGB, Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo


That case comes with three front fans with RGB lighting plus a fourth rear fan with NO lights. It includes a small lighting Controller box and a Splitter with five output arms so you can connect the three front fans' lighting cables to the Controller.

Each of the FRONT fans should have TWO cables from it - one with a standard 4-pin female fan connector, and another wider one with a 4-pin female lighting connector. (The rear fan will have only one cable from the motor.) Start at the front fans and trace where the lighting cables go. They all should connect to output arms of the lighting Splitter. Now trace the Splitter's input arm back to the lighting Controller box. That box also should have two other cables connected to it. One goes to the case's front button panel, and another is an input from a PSU SATA power output connector. Make sure all those are connected. ALSO on EVERY one of the lighting cable connections, check them closely. On EACH connector or socket there should be a small marker (maybe a triangle) on ONE end to identify the +12 VDC line. At every connection point those MUST be matched up.

If all those connections are correct, then you should be able to turn on the lights by the top front panel lighting button. If a simple push/release does not work, try to hold it down for up to 5 or 6 secs.