Apr 22, 2006
I was using a program called Advanced Sytem Optiimizer on Wedsday and after I did a cleanup of my system I used the Tweaker included to edit some core settings of windows. Well I restarted to see the settings change and when I got to my username screen it says I have counterfeit windows and I need to buy a key.

This is driving me crazy! Now my computer loads much slower and everything. I tried sstem restore and went back to Tuesday but it still happens. I think that it is actually an update I downloaded now that as found out something about my WinXP. Does anyone know how to remove the notices?


Its saying you have a pirated copy of xp or your using a legite corp copy that hasnt had the correct reg edit to make it legal. Had to do this at my work.
Do a google search and youll find it. Or get a legite copy of xp.