Couple more questions about build.


Aug 6, 2011
Hi, I recently posted on here about a build I will be doing soon, here is the link to that thread:

You guys helped me out SO MUCH, and why_me posted a build that I think I will be using.. with a few changes..
I think I want to get an antec 1200 case instead of a coolermaster (i like the way the antec looks much more). Also, the power supply why_me posted was 900w, will that be enough to power 2 graphics cards? I will only be using one graphics card now, but if I choose to add another one will 900w cut it? Will the power supply why_me suggested fit in the antec 1200? Will any atx power supply fit in any atx case? Here is the link to the power supply why_me suggested:

Also, there was some discussion on here about whether to get 1 gtx 580, or to get 2 gtx 570s, or to get 3 6950s or 2 6970s.. I know I can look at benchmark data, but what are you guys' personal opinions on these options? Thanks again!!


Mar 22, 2010
why didn't you post back on the original thread?

I will say, what I always say about GPU's and new builds...Buy the SINGLE most powerful GPU you can afford on the initial build and worry about SLI/CF when games catch up to the power of the card you bought or the price of the cards drops to where its a sweet deal and you just can't refuse. the buy and go SLI/CF. That being said you need to build you computer support structure accordingly. ie MB that support CF/SLI and a PSU that can handle them also.

get a single GTX 580. I recommend a EVGA SuperClocked 015-P3-1582-AR (I'm a nVidia fan, so no ATI recommendation)

The 900W PSU is plenty for 2x GTX 580's or 6970's and should handle 3 x 6950's. It will fit the ANTEC 1200 case (the case has an adapter plate)