Question Couple of weird issues with my internet/WiFi connection


Nov 17, 2015
So I'll start with the most basic one: Some of the websites register a VPN service, even though I'm not using one, however this started occuring recently (or atleast this is when I started noticing it). So there are 2 theories on this I've came up: I've been hacked (which has a high probability of happening), and my info is going through a 'VPN', or it has something to do with me setting my IP address to static (i'll come to this second part later on).
Now for the more complicated one: my PC (laptop) has issues with connecting to my WiFi, to be precise, it used to have this IP address conflict, where it would just go nuts randomly, connecting and disconnecting until I restart my PC, however it's kind of (emphasis on the 'kind of') resolved itself when I set up a static IP address.
Now, I have this other issue, my PC would just have this poor , laggy connection (I noticed it while playing multiplayer games), Disabling>enabling my WiFi adapter settings seems to do the trick, BUT sometimes it doesn't, and I usually end up repeating it couple of times until it does, or until I start being unable to connect to the network entirely with the only thing to go for being 'limited access' error. Interestingly enough, if I don't restart it, I can see what's going on in-game, somewhat load online pages (tried it on facebook to be precise), but it seems like I have no upload capabilities (when I'm playing a game I can see what's going on, however quite laggy, but I cannot move or do anything in game, which I usually can even if laggy). So that's mostly it, weird stuff, I know, what I don't know is how to fix it, or where to look for issues. Bonus info: I haven't had any of these problems with any other network I've connected on, however it's hard to say due to the fact that I was never connected to any other network for prolonged periods of time.
Static IP set on your pc have no impact on the IP you are using on the internet. All you machines inside your house all appear as the same IP address no matter how they got their private lan ip either dynamically or statically.

Unless someone could load a vpn client on your machine and you not know it you are not using a vpn. Almost all vpn services charge money so it would be someone giving you a gift if they did. Now if you have even though you were going to get a vpn service for free and ever loaded on of those client it may not have uninstalled correctly. Some of those so called free services are very corrupt. A couple got caught loading coin mining software that kept running even after you uninstalled the vpn client.

You can easily tell if you are running a vpn. Look at the IP assigned to your router wan port and compare that with the whatsmyip site. If they are different then you might have a vpn BUT you must then check that the ip you are assigned on your router is not private.

Since you posted this on wifi your first test is to connect via ethernt. Wifi is know for having all kinds of strange problems when you get interference with the signal.

If it still has issues on ethernet maybe since you for some reason suspect someone did something maybe just reinstall windows and be done with it. You can also try a USB linus boot image that will let you test and not affect your windows install. Problem is there are so many things buried deep in windows that it will be hard to find.