Question Couple Questions regarding a new Gigabyte RX570 gaming 4gb


Mar 23, 2019
hi , I just bought a new GPU, its the Gigabyte RX570 gaming 4gb card, I have a couple consernes however, and have spent a day on Google with hope to a definite answer, however this didnt happen, so hopefully the great people here will be able to enlighten me on this new piece of hardware. ok let me start from beginning, I installed the Card, everything went good, installed/updated drivers to newest (non optional) driver, the Aorus Engine software that came with the card, really sucks.. I was unable to get the RGBFusion to work, well it did work like 1 or 2 times, then just didnt open anymore. I discovered searching online that this seems to be a common issue with this software, but I was able to find an older version of the Aorus engine which works (or so it seems) flawlessly, even the RGB etc.. I assume this software is somewhat important (the Aorus) as it controls my Graphic cards pre sets, like silent, gaming, OC , I have never touched any of that though, just the lighting.. ok other than Aorus everything is up to date, windows , drivers etc.. while Idle the card hovers around 45°C 9i think due to the FAN off feature, and that isn't too hot I dont think) .. however playing games iss where Ive started to worry.. While playing Dauntless I am hitting temps at 83-85°C.. now Ive read that these cards do run hot, but cant seem to find an answer about what its max safe temps are, 85°C kind of worries me.. but I know a lot of modern stuff is able to handle much higher temps before causing damage.. now Ive used the AMD overlay while playing to monitor how hard card is working, Both GPU and CPU never peak past about 85%, GPU odd time spikes to 100% for like a second or two. I play game in 1600x900 Res (just cuz I'm old and sit far from TV and well 1080p makes it so I cant read text) but game graphics set auto to max, Ive lowered to lowest only to see a couple degree drop. so I ask, is that temp safe? should I be concerned? if so what can I do to lower that Temp, Ive tried with case side on/off, not much of a difference , my case has decent airflow but I thought perhaps the side fan was pushing hot air back to the GPU as the Gigabyte use some "windforce" fan design and by the diagram of how it pushes air, looks like it forces the heat threw the side but that also didnt help even with side completely off cards hitting those temps while playing dauntless , . Ive heard people say undervolt card, but I really dont know how to do that I do see it in Wattman , or at least some GPU settings, but wouldn't have a clue what to do to underclock, I know I can adjust fans to higher speeds, but when I do it manually , I am no longer able to use the "Fan off" feature, wich isn't a big thing if I had to loose it. any suggestions /advice would be great I am just worried the card is getting too hot ( I mean my old one only ever hit like 60s, mind you it was just a 2gb MSI Radeon R7 250 2GB
** oh and I almost forgot, I did watch several review videos where it does show card playing games with temps in high 70s I also read a form page that someone said thief card often runs into the 90s (they do bitcoin mining though ) and if im not wrong that's extremely hard on cards. but same form someone said that the cards MAX max temp is like 125°C, but I cannot confirm this anywhere, ive looked on Gigabytes site and cant find no info on the max temp card can hit before killing itself, as it sits now Ive not touched a single setting (other than color) and I wonder if Aorus is really important and I should be on newest (but I know that RGBFusion 2.0 is shit and wont work but if that software is truly important Id loose the RGB if I had too..
Full PC specs
Windows 10 Home 64-bit
AMD FX-6300
8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3
4096MB ATI Radeon RX 570 Series (Gigabyte)
EVGA Bronze80+ 450Watt PSU (changing this soon)
case is X Nova, (also swapping soon) but case does have good air flow, Ive installed 5 120mm fans 2 top 1 back 1 front 1 side. (unplugged side due to this issue as I think maybe side fan was pushing air back to GPU.