Question Cpu 0 100% usage on Fresh build


Oct 3, 2011
Hi, i just build a new pc and i got this problem something eating my first core (core 0) 100% but 6% total usage on 4.17ghz and the only thing i can see in Process in task manager is 5% -10% usage from Interrupts and DPS.
The whole system freezes and sometimes comes back other times i can use it no problem but core 0 is still at 100% also sometimes it takes couple minutes to post
My hardware
Cpu :Ryzen 3600
Mobo :Msi X370 xpower gaming titanium (latest bios)
Ram : Corsair RAM CORSAIR CMW16GX4M2A2666C16W
Gpu :Vega 64 LC
Ssd :Adata xpg m.2
Psu :Xfx 750w

Things i tried:
1 New install of windows 10
2 Re-sit Cpu
3 update all drivers
4 use 1 stick of ram each time
5 swap m.2. with ssd
6 disable audio/usb/sata/lan drivers from Manage
7 boot in safe mod actually worked not 100% cpu 0 usage but still high and then crashed
8 bios sometimes is lagging and in the end freezes
9 reflash bios / clear cmos
10 change bios setting : disable c state/ typical current idle/ disable cool and quiet
But nothing worked, my guess is something to do with driver or hardware fault
The x370 is used but was working perfectly on 2600x