Question CPU 10600K NOISE SOLVED

Feb 4, 2022
So last year i built the following rig
msi z490 mob
msi rtx 3070 x trio
corsair 4x8 vengeance 3600mhz
h100i capelilix
lian li mini
6 x corsair rgb fans
WD m2 and hdd
samsung g7 odyssey 27' 240hz

Recently i got the upgrade to win11. After the upgrade, i started noticing some weird but very low noise above the graphics card and around the cpu. Firstly thought was coil whine of the rtx. i did some g-sync changes that i found on the internet but the noise was still there.
So i did some research for cpu noises. i found that a combination of c1e , c state and EIST may create some noise. Also the settings on the bios went to default after the win upgrade. (xmp was off and Intel turbo boost was on). I enabled them back on and started to use combinations of c1e, cstate, eist.
The problem solved when i turned everything off.
Turning them off i didnt find any other difference on the performance. The only difference is that the cpu power doesn't go below 18Watts, instead of 9Watts with all the above settings enabled.
I don't think that this is dangerous about the lifespan of the cpu (if it was they would not have given the option to turn them off).
What do you think?


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Coil whine will come from any component that either receives or delivers power to other relevant components. The noise could very well come from the CPU socket and not just the VRM/power delivery area. It's happened with older systems in the past. As for your concern, you're prioritizing noise over lower power draw, which is totally up to you. Higher power draw at idle won't be the end of it all but do keep your eye on temps when you see something fishy come about.

As for your specs, you forgot to mention the make and model of your PSU. MSI have a number of Z490 chipset boards, which one do you have? The option to turn off things are there in case people need to run their system to the max. The same can be said for overclocking, you can overclock things as you wish, if they end up damaged, then it's on you since you did so. There are other references but the one above should suffice.
Feb 4, 2022
Thanks for your reply!!!
The psu i'm using is the corsair SF750 full modular plus 80 plat and the mob is msi mag socket 1200 z490 tomahawk 2glan.