Question CPU almost unusable most of the time

Jan 28, 2022
HP desktop used purely for work and browsing, medium to sometimes heavy spreadsheet work, straighforwars Word and .pdf documents plus a bunch of ordinary business program and utilities, no gaming, no graphical work, no heavily demanding programs. Used to work perfectly and outperform my own expectations. Userbenchmark scoring was extremely good. I do not remember exact details, ,but it was 90% or more as desktop and 70% or more as workstation

Now much of the time it cannot even keep up with typing in a Word document and lags anywhere from a fraction of a second while you type to several seconds when asking anything more complicated, whatever task it is supposed to perform

Benchmarks shows everything performing above expectations, apart from CPU which comes bottom of the pile, by some margin, as shown here and on any benchmark I tried. I know the headline figure says it is exceeding expectations, but that is just because everything other than the CPU is performing very well. CPU is bottom 3% of almost 70,000 tested.

CPU is Core i7-9700, which still ranks 60th out of 1337 on UserBenchmark.

Even at the bottom of the pile for the same CPU, it should perform decently and easily cope with multiple tasks and much heavier loads. RAM is 48G (16+32, same brand, same specs), no obvious performance issues, SSD is very fast and only half full, everything else does not seem to stand out as causing a bottleneck. Yet....

Under warranty, HP has replaced the motherboard, no difference, then they also replaced the CPU itself, still no difference. As soon as I have a couple of spreadsheets open, after a while all grinds to a halt. It is more or less fine immediately after restart for a short time, then back to unusable.

Tried it in Safe Mode, same result.

Reinstalled Windows 11 and all my programs, extremely time consuming, same again.

And it is not even that CPU usage goes to 100%, it stays fairly low, say below 30% , the vast majority of the time. Clock speed does not seem to be an issue. But overall it just does not do what it is supposed to do fast enough. It is like using an obsolete machine beyond its capacity, which is not the case.

HP want to take it away for testing and repair off site, but they do not seem to have a clue. They sent three different technicians out to my office, none of them had any idea.

They even tried to blame games they thought I must have installed, till I pointed out I never installed a single one and never used this for gaming. Then they suggested it may be an internet connection issue "if you use a lot of cloud based services", except much of my work is locally stored and my internet is around 300Mb/sec down most of the time, and about 100Mb/sec up. Then it was the fault of my network monitoring program running in the background.

Before I part ways and let HP take the computer away for god knows how long, does anyone have any suggestions? Need any more info?
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