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Question CPU and Mobo Upgrade. Will there be increase in game performance?

Jun 15, 2020
Hi, my rig is around 5 years old with an i5 6600k, mb Z170 Mark 1, Gpu rtx 2060 super (upgraded from gtx 1080), 16gb ram. I plan on upgrading my cpu to (Ryzen 7 3700x) and mobo (any board around $200). So my question is will there be a significant increase in fps in my games if i upgrade my cpu and mb? I also plan to switch gpu at the end of the year once rtx 3080 comes out. Thanks.


It depends on the game. The ones that can use more cores yes the ones that can't no.
Signafacent increase no. You can hand pick games and make it look better but you could overclock the 6600K and get right at the same performance.

Their no one answer fits all to that question like I said depends on the game and if you overclock the processor.

Your video card was a baby step and not worth the price for almost no performance increase.
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