May 14, 2012
Hi,this is the second time I've posted this dilemma,for two days now my cpu has been running at 100% for some unknown reason,I was reliably informed that it was probably/definately a virus.I have ran the best anti-malware programs MBAM,Superantispyware,Norton online,Eset I have tried registry fix software and system restore none have helped.the odd thing is when I open task manager to see what is eating up my cpu the activity stops and usage drops to nearly nothing and when I close task manager cpu usage and temps shoot up..I have uninstalled approx 8 programs looking for a culprit but no joy so far,if anyone has an idea it would be very helpful although the advice I recieved yesterday I did not follow-which was get a copy of Norton anti virus on disc and boot in DOS,and the adviser questioned my copy of Win 7 ultimate ..as there are known Russian viruses on pirated copies..quite right,I have had my copy for nearly three years and it's been good to me so far..the last thing I can say I think is all the processes in task manager seem legitimate, so could this cpu usage and high temps be false? I have been monitoring this event with SPEEDFAN and INTEL all cpu monitor..I'm not worried/panicking but could use some help in another direction other than Viruses,thank you