Question CPU base/clock speed goes down when a 2nd HDD is installed ?


Feb 26, 2018
bought a laptop for dirt cheap so no real complaints with this. just wondering why the base/clock speed goes down from 1.70ghz to .80ghz when 2nd hdd is installed ?

The laptop is a lenovo b40-70, specs are:

CPU is i3 4010u 1.70ghz
ram is 2x4gb ddr3l 1600mhz
240gb ssd(main drive)
160gb hdd (secondary drive) installed in the ODD slot with a generic caddy.

When i remove the caddy with the 2nd hdd the base/clock speed is stable at 1.70ghz and it never goes down , it's been running for more than 3hrs now. but as soon as i turn the laptop off and reinstall the 2nd drive on caddy after about 5-10mins the base/clock speed with gradually go down from 1.70ghz to .80ghz. once it reaches .80ghz no matter what software i try to run it will stay at .80ghz until i restart the unit with the 2nd drive removed. i had already set the power plans to high performance still no success when 2nd hdd is installed. Any ideas on why it does that with the 2nd drive occupying the odd slot?

I dont run heavy apps on this unit as the i3 is only U variant. just find it annoying when i am running a poker app or reading/editing docs or pdf's with a media player that it stutters a bit on .80ghz. forgot to mention that i am running the unit while plugged on no battery installed. any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks

ps - i tried the caddy on a different laptop , no problems with the base/clock speed there.
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