Cpu benchmarks for t6600 and i5-430m needed please


Mar 3, 2010
i'm trying to decide between a t6600 hp (only $400 w/ my store credit) and a dell i5-430m ($800)( both w 4gb ram n 17"). While these are super common procs per what i see on store shelves yet i cannot find any of the usual charts to show just how much faster one may be than the other and when they are even...which i'm guessing may be the case quite often. i don't play games but i do have java dev work to do and look forward to 64bit windows 7 n using 4-6gb of ram finally!

Tom's should really have some numbers for these already, not just the i7's, imho. can anyone help with some PC-Mark CPU test numbers or something? thanks in advance! wish tom's would post some results. i don't trust the single number per cpu in cpubenchmarks.com to really tell the story.