Question CPU Bottleneck?


May 25, 2015
Hello fellow nerds. I am considering replacing my 2080ti with a RX6950xt.
I am currently running a i5 9600k, and I strongly believe the CPU will be a bottleneck, even when overclocked to 5Ghz.
Any recommendations on a AMD CPU and motherboard?
Have been looking into the R7 5800x, as its a decent upgrade from what I have.
As an indicator to the value of a gpu upgrade, run this simple test:
Run YOUR games, but lower your resolution and eye candy.
This makes the graphics card loaf a bit.
If your FPS increases, it indicates that your cpu is strong enough to drive a better graphics configuration.
If your FPS stays the same, you are likely more cpu limited.

What is the make/model of your psu and what is the make/model of the RX6950xt?
I think you are looking at 850-1000w.

On the cpu side, there is no "bottleneck".
You WILL do better with a stronger processor.
The question is by how much.
How games use the processor will vary.

Do you have a budget for this upgrade?

You have no effective cpu upgrade without a concurrent motherboard change.
You could get more processing threads, but games depend on the single thread performance of the master thread.

AM4 and a 5800X would indeed be a nice upgrade.
Some might suggest a X3D variant which would be good if you ONLY play a game.
Otherwise, the base processor is generally more effective.
The 5800X has 16 threads and a passmark rating of 28433. That is when all 16 threads are fully busy.
Not very likely in gaming when 6 threads are used to any extent.
The single thread performance is what counts. The single thread rating is 3492, a nice jump over the 2809 of the 9600K
The I5-13400 with 16 threads and a rating of 26206/3836 would be comparable if you want to stick with Intel.

What is your current ram?
Normally 16gb is fine, but I see some games like hogwarts suggesting 32gb to run.


The 5800x/5800x3D are both decent but I am not sure I would go to either of them if coming from outside of AM4 socket.

The price for a b650 / 7600 / 32gb DDR5 6000 can be had for similar and future scope for upgrades.

Do you have a budget for the upgrade?