Jul 21, 2009
no it's a compaq how much of a bottleneck would it be, i know that my mother boarrd :eek: says it supports x3 cpus and x4 but i am not sure how hard it is to up grade compaqs, what video card would be a bootleneck i want to be able to play all the new games
How much of a bottleneck your CPU is will just depend on the game. If your system uses a motherboard with an AMD chipset you should be able to use the AMD overdrive software to overclock your CPU. Otherwise you will need some other software based overclocking utility.

As for upgrading your CPU you will need to visit the Compaq page and see if you can find out the CPU support for your motherboard. If you try and put in a chip that isn't listed as supported, then your system probably won't turn on.


I think a 260 is a fine choice, bottlenecking as ppl call it depends on the in game rendering options as well as AA and such. but an old school 9800 series card would be fine too. my old 5400+ x2 ( 2.8 ghz 1 meg cache) did not even max my 8800 gts 512 in a lot of cases. I put it in my system with an E8500 and my performance is up around 30 percent higher on average.

However with directx 10 and new shader intensive games, you may be able to put a lot of that 260 to use. Even if the FPS boost isn't as huge as you want, you'd be able to max out your graphic options without things getting slow either, so still either way is good IMO.


ur setup should be good for a while, u could invest in a 710 or a 720 to get some headroom in newer games which really seem to enjoy that 6mb uf cache, its not hard to change a cpu, just remove the cooler, lift the latch, remove the cpu and drop in the new 1.