Question CPU Bottlenecking PC on Black Ops Cold War and Warzone


Sep 3, 2019

so currently I am running the setup as follows in a PC built on

AMD Ryzen 2300x
AMD Radeon RX 580
16GB DDR4 Corsair 3200MHz RAM
MSI A320M Pro-E Motherboard

Over this year I have been playing alot of Warzone/Call Of Duty and have been having quite a few technical issues with my PC regarding performance. I think i’ve come to the conclusion that my CPU is bottlenecking my computer on these games as I feel like my FPS is fine but I constantly get drops of 20-30fps in matches making it pretty much unplayable for me. Now transitioning to BOCW which is supposedly easier to run I have been having the exact same issues which is driving me crazy😂

I have done a bit of research and tests and all show that my CPU is not handling my games very well always using 100% affinity. I think maybe it’s time to upgrade if anyone has any advice? Im thinking maybe a Ryzen 3600 preferably without having to upgrade my motherboard to save money, any tips or info would be greatly appreciated!