Mar 6, 2012
After doing some browsing around the net, i got more and more confused!, im looking for a cpu that i wont have to upgrade for a good 2 years. So i far from intel:the g530, g630 and i3 2100 that i was looking at and amd has athlon x3 455, 4100 fx, and phenom x4 965, motherboard wise from intel the h61 or the b77 and from amd the 880g am3/am3+. I already have a msi 460 v2 and the other components. i just need a decent cpu/mobo to finish this build... id like to spend ~140 however i can go up to ~200 usd. i know the i3 2100 out performs the other cpu ,however its not a quad or even a tri core, same for the g530 and g630

Im also thinking to invest money into the LGA 1155 socket or Am3+ due to LGA having the chance to upgrade to an i5 2500k(i know i cant oc on the h61) or the PD from amd (the new PD will use am3+ socket , i think...)

The reason why i want for at least 2 years so right now im on a college budget


^there pretty much done though, if he gets a 990FX board, he can upgrade to piledriver (hopefully they will be much better than bulldozer) or an i3 where he can upgrade to ivy later down the line if he wants to