Question CPU but notbooting, Working fans, No light, No beeps

Oct 12, 2020
When booting up /turned on
Sometime shuts downbefore login screen (before yesterday)
from 5months gradually slower loading times of apps and excel files to the current month

There was once a blue screen when i was starting an app last month and it crashed. I dont remember any error codes.

This has a new motherboard
and A tru rated PSU
GA-F2A68HM-S1 / 650 ish something

it has a 7 year old DDR3 8GB RAM and a compatible hard drive. (these 2 were not used for like 4years)

On the day that pc failed:
I was browsing chrome and youtube
monitor turned into static and it froze
(on the opened window and no blue screen) with a beeping sound on speakers.

No other applications are open

The cpu was not touched during and before the crash

I tried to restart:
Bios screen have blue static lines and it wont load and i turned off pc.

Restarted it 30mins after:
evrrything was normal after 15 mins of browsing chrome and youtubeand antivirus and windows system scanner(cmd) it came to a black screen then it wont turn on.

Interchanged RAM in both slots.

Different Blue HDMI cord - it says not connected when detached but it monitor always have a light if it is powered.

Resocketed all ports on the back of cpu

Checked/touched if the are any bloated capacitors, chipset of cpu and other parts for bloated parts. there are no bloated parts.
(I only detached RAM)

SSD/Hard drive light working / can also hear it run.

All fans are running (same with or without avr)

No lights on cpu and no beeping with or without RAM.
Oct 12, 2020
full spec:
PSU : 500w fuzion power supply tru rated
mo bo : GA - F2A68HM - S1
cpu:AMD - A8-7680
OS: Windows 10
gfx card: none for the past few months
(was purely for office work, watching movies and browser games; just similar to miniclip one and not so heavy games like: WOW)
this was never Overclocked

old parts:
ram: kingston hyperx blu 1600 ddr3 8GB
memory/harddrive: Seagate 500gb (internal)-
(theres no way for me to determine the exact model atm )