Question CPU Comparison

May 18, 2021
Hi all

Could any one tell me what is the best CPU out from these Core i5 4590 / Core i5 6600 / Core i5 7400

i am planing to build a new system with the below specs. main consider is i5 4590 and i5 6600 i don't think i will be able to find it in my market where i am from so primarily focus is 4th and 6th gen i5.
if the 4th gen is good enough for gaming please let me know also.

RAM : 16GB
VGA : RX 580 8Gb / RX 570 4GB (either of these i'm gonna use)
Monitor : ASUS VZ249H

main focus is gaming + streaming + Gameplay Recording
did my research and found all of these CPU's share 4Cores and 4 Thread so i'm confused. did noticed it runs under different speeds though.

really appreciate your help in this.

Thank You All!


i5-4590 is an older DDR3 CPU (LGA1151).
i5-6600 and i5-7400 are both LGA1150 CPUs that use DDR4

i5-6600 has a boost frequency of 3.9Ghz, it is probably the fastest by a small margin.
i5-7400 is locked at 3.5Ghz
i5-4690 is just a little older also runs at 3.9Ghz (It was the top i5 of it's generation, except the 4690K)

Each generation here goes up a notch in Intel integrated graphics, though you are using a discrete GPU.

They are all "good" for gaming, though quad cores are a little dated these days. Depends on how much you have to spend. For most people if they can get ahold of something like a Ryzen 2600, that would be much better.
May 18, 2021
Thank you for the reply @Eximo

It's not possible to find the i5-4690 and 4690k here in my market.

is it okay if i bought a i5-4590 or is it better to go with 6th or 7th gen there is a head room for upgrading my GPU if i goes with the 6th and 7th gen right? (please enlighten me if i am wrong)


Up to a point you can always upgrade a GPU, depends how you use it. Higher the resolution and settings the more burden falls to the GPU.

CPU primarily controls the game engine, and since many games are still heavily single core, the faster the CPU the better. Newer games have become more multithreaded and cores/threads are important.

Low settings
Maximum frame rates from CPU
High settings
Maximum frame rates from GPU

Faster CPU will also improve minimum frame rates in many cases. So results in smoother gameplay.

Faster is certainly better, whatever you can afford to get. i5-7600 would be better still, it would have the boost clocks like the 6600.

i5-8400 and up is getting into more contemporary CPUs.

Ryzen 1000 series roughly equivalent to 4th generation Intel
Ryzen 2000 series roughly equivalent to 6th and 7th generation Intel
Ryzen 3000 series is on par with Intel 9th and 10th generation
Ryzen 5000 series is faster than Intel 11th generation for the most part (uses a lot less power too)

All but the low end Ryzen also offer two threads per core, like the older i7s. So a Ryzen 2600 is a 6 core 12 thread part, which puts it well ahead of something like a i7-6700 at 4 cores 8 threads.


Oct 21, 2014
Honestly, they're all older 4c/4t chips with similar clocks. I'd be surprised if you'd notice much of a difference between any of them at all, at least based on how my i7-4790K doesn't perform noticeably faster than my older i7-2700K.
May 18, 2021

Sorry for the trouble.

I found these machine systems which is affordable for my price limit as well.

SYSTEM SPECS as follows

CPU : R5 1400 / R3 3200G / R5 3400G (all these are available can select any from these)
SSD : 128GB
PSU : 500W
M/B : A320

these all comes with a GT 1GB VGA i am not worried about this since i am going to use a RX 580 8GB version.

B450 is not available at the moment and it will take months to get the stock back as per the importers here in my country.

out from these which one should i choose as per your knowledge. did my research and G CPU have onboard graphics found out that VEGA 11 is pretty good.
how the cooling part of these i am worried about the heating.

Thank you so much for taking your valuable time!


VEGA 11 is very weak compared to the RX580, but that R5 3400G is also the fastest processor here (Basically a Ryzen 2000 series chip). So if you can get it, it is a good choice.

All those chips have their TDP, if they are using the stock cooler, it should be fine.