Cpu cooler bios error, custom setup/temp advice needed

Sep 21, 2018
Hi guys, so after 5 years i got rid of temp paste and intel 1155socket stock cooler and installed arctic freezer i32.

1. bios after starting pc up stops and says cpu far error F1,, when in bios cpu fan N/A, but after leaving bios it doesnt stop again,, until i turn off/on.. Should i be worried or just ignore??

2. It has its own setup that i dont like because it starts to be kinda loud pretty soon

3. I have asus ai suite 2 with fan expert that gives me option to custom setup at what temp how much % cooler will roll.
My 1st tampering there so far leaves cooler off till ~63C cpu. Highest load i managed to get 2 cores to 70C havent seen higher temps in speccy. "Problem" with this setup is that it keeps cpu even in "idle mode" on ~53C doesnt rly go lower because after load everything is heated up. So question is its ok for i5 3570 5year old to have this temps over long period of time or should i try to get it lower (factory settings on cooler kept it ~35-50C, on big load it got to low50s not higher)
The Arctic Freezer PWM fan only starts up at at certain temperature so to the motherboard it appears that the fan is not working or it is disconnected.
You could change the motherboard settings to either have the fan spinning even at low temperatures or change the minimum speed for the fan warning to appear.
Which Asus motherboard do you have?

In the BIOS under Q-Fan control, you could select several fan speeds (Quiet, Silent, Standard, etc.) already configured.
If you enter Advance Mode, under Monitor, you could change CPU Fan low limit (I think is set to 200 rpm) and also you could select different fan profiles.