Question CPU Cooler Compatibility (Antec Neptune 120 on LGA1700)

Mar 8, 2022
So I purchased an Antec Neptune 120 which is compatible with LGA 1150 / 1151 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 1200 / 2011-V3 / 2066 (According to Antec website)
Rookie mistake as I have an intel 12600kf (LGA 1700)
Anyone know of any good work arounds
ie. can I purchase one of these two and use that with the cooler:
Is it just the brackets that change with the cpu coolers?


LGA1700 brought two changes.

1) The mounting holes are spaced a bit wider.
Some motherboards come with two sets of holes.

2) Of more importance, the Z height of the chip is less by about 1mm.
This may distort the pressure that is needed for good cooler contact.

Most cooler makers offer lga1700 adapter kits either free or for a modest charge.
I was unable to find such a kit for your cooler.

That said, I do not think a 120 aio is sufficient to get the performance you bought with the processor.

What is the make/model of your case?
If possible, I would return the Neptune 120 in favor of a good air cooler.
Noctua makes some of the best.
Look for a twin tower cooler like the NH-D15s.
It has about 2x the cooling capability of a 120 radiator.

Here is their suitability chart for the I5-12600K/F: