CPU cooler for 1207 (F) 4,1 inch (104mm) mount?


Aug 21, 2008
I wonder if anyone could help me locate and recommend a CPU Cooler that has a larger fan and better cooling than: http://www.dynatron-corp.com/en/product_detail_1.aspx?cv=1-3-138&id=135&in=0

Thing is that one comes with a special measurement in the two opposite mounting holes: 4,1 inch or 104 mm.

I have not been able to find other Cooling that may fit yet and I would very much like to have a better, more silent cooling since those fans run at 7000RPM and sound like some jet engine, which I do not want to have in my office/house. Yet, those are the ones I found for that CPU.

I have managed to reduce the noise a bit by attaching a Zalman rpm regulator, see image, but I do not trust those as a long term solution.

Any tips? Pease notice that the issue is noise, not cooling capacity. Factory specs for that fan says 45decibel, so I am looking for something much less noisier.