CPU cooler for P5Q deluxe motherboard


Jul 11, 2008
What is a good CPU cooler for the ASUS P5Q deluxe motherboard? I'm looking for one that is known to fit the P5Q deluxe board and is easy to install/mount and operate. I have a Q9450 quad core and would like the ability to overclock if desired.

Tried the AC Freezer Pro 7. I like the way the fan directs the warmer air to the back of the case toward the case fan, but it does not fit easily. After multiple attempts, I ended up breaking the plastic mount on the base. So now I'm looking for an alternative which is cool and quiet and hopefully easy to install with no interferences.

The one I'm considering is the Zalman CNPS9700NT. Looks like it is harder to install. It appears you have to remove the motherboard to install the back plate first.

Any other suggestions?

Is the CNPS9700NT a good alternative for the AC Freezer Pro 7?




May 25, 2008
Anything that doesn't use push pins is massively easier to install. Sure you have to take the motherboard out, but that's only once. The benefits are a more secure installation with decent base pressure, plus tightening screws or bolts is easier than those ^$@*(^ push pins.