Question CPU cooler not showing any green when plugged into motherboard RGB header

Jan 3, 2021
Hello all. I have an ASUS B450-F Gaming motherboard. I connected my AMD Wraith CPU cooler to the RGB Header #2 of the motherboard. However, the light on the cooler always seemed off compared to the glowing motherboard LED.

Yesterday I eventually got around to installing ASUS Aura and I finally figured out the issue. After a bunch of testing, I realized that the color blue (I think) wasn't shown at all on the CPU cooler. Red and green (and combinations of them) showed up fine, however.

I thought maybe I had the RGB header plugged in the wrong way. So I took it out and reversed again. Now I can't see any green. I only see red and blue, and combinations of them. Colors like teal (which is blue+green) only show blue (I know it should be teal comparing it to the onboard motherboard LEDs). Here is an example video.

So does anyone know what's up? Are there some damaged pins on the motherboard which is preventing one of the three colors from being shown? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you :)