Question CPU cooler stop ram boot

Sep 28, 2019
Hi, so I recently have had some trouble with my cpu cooler (dark pro 3 air cooler). The cooler was not installed correctly and was pulling the CPU out of place when the computer was stood upright.

Having reinstalled the cooler with replacement brackets, the computer now wont boot past the RAM light on the motherboard. When I take out the first stick of RAM (2nd slot) the computer boots fine but with only 8GB (instead of 16, even when I put the first stick of RAM back in).

Pretty sure they are installed correctly (heard the click as I put them in) and both are low profile and do not seem to touch the cooler. Same problem if I swap the sticks around.

Also before the cooler started giving problems with the CPU, the computer worked fine, no boot issues. It still works fine when only 1 stick of ram is installed, just would be better if I knew why the first stick was giving problems. Any thoughts?