Jan 2, 2010
Hi, what is the CoolerMaster Geminii S like, I see it blows down on the system board and also cools the voltage regulators. I found on my last system board with a P4 dual core 3.2GHz the Blue Orb was not quite as good as the tall coolers by about 4 degrees but the motherboard sensor reported that the mother board was about 8 degrees cooler with the blue orb. I never overclock my system but like to keep it as cool and quiet as possible. I do a lot of Video editing and when rendering heat builds up fast. My new system is an Asus P7P55D-E Delux and i7-860 CPU 4GB 1600 CL7 corsair Ram, (2 Terabyte WD Black drives for Data and WD Veloraptor as System Disk. this part of my old system) Will install all this as soon as I get the CPU Cooler as do not want to take the system board out again. Being Xmas not muck stock available and have to wait another two weeks or so. Absolute Torture....!!!
Any Ideas?