[SOLVED] CPU cooling options

Apr 20, 2020
First time posting so apologies for any mistakes.

I have just finished my first ever build in the Phanteks P400a RGB case and would really like some thoughts on cpu cooling options. Currently using the ryzen 3600x stock cooler. Little noisy but decent temps, probs thanks to the case airflow.

Was tempted to put a 360 rad/aio on the front. Maybe the Deepcool Castle V2 (would like opinions on that aio, looks nice, is it loud etc?) or the the Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360R (but the usb cable on the block makes my OCD cable management brain lose control)? And then I'd move the 3 case fans to the top and rear as exhausts. 2 concerns there. Pulling warm air on gpu? Will the rad block the rgb fans being seen on the front?(not a deal breaker but they do look nice)

Or would I be better with a 240 aio on the front, keep the bottom fan drawing in cool air, set top and rear to exhaust? Or a 280?

Or go air cooled cpu? This case gives me headaches choosing one that fits. Especially since i have Corsair Vengeance RGB ram on a Tomahawk Max that are about 50mm tall.

Any ideas/recomendations/advice greatly appreciated.

Also worth noting I have the m.2 port occupied if that makes a difference.

Cheers to you all.
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