Question CPU cores disabled in Ryzen Master, can't enable again

Nov 7, 2019
I upgraded my CPU and MOBO to Ryzen 5 2600 and a matching B450M mortar max, and I was having huge temperature problems, so I researched (for days) how I could help that.
I came across some info on disabling cores so that the temps would stay down, at least as a temporary fix until I can get it looked at in the shop.
But after disabling 3 cores (1 ccx group, it wouldn't let me disable 2) I rebooted and it was sluggish and terrible, and not only that but my display disappears (Pc keeps running) when I open Ryzen Master to try to turn the cores back on. I can't find how to turn them back on in the bios either. Any ideas?

Other components:
GPU 1660 ti
1 DVI - HDMI monitor
1 HDMI - Display port monitor (Which also doesn't work Any more unless I plug it in HDMI - HDMI)
I'd try through the BIOS again. I looked up the manual for your mobo and it's on page 53, Go to the OC screen and select 'Downcore Control' and select the number of cores to use. You might even have to uninstall Ryzen Master and play with the BIOS settings again (possibly reset to defaults).
If you're going a bit crazy flipping settings in BIOS, just do a CMOS reset... power off, open case and short jumper for ~30 sec, close up and turn on. You can also do a Reset to Defaults in the Save Settings menu of BIOS... in fact do both.

This WILL return it to 'out of the box', so be ready with all the settings you know work and love.
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